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Central Nervous System (CNS) Diseases 

The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) prevents the free flow of large molecules between the blood and the brain.  About 98% of drugs cannot permeate the BBB, making it a challenge for the development of treatments for neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and brain cancer.  Making the BBB temporarily permeable allows the development of treatments for many neurological and CNS diseases.  Evanesc has developed a revolutionary medical device, EvaPermea  , that uses low power RF electric fields to non-invasively and temporarily open the BBB to allow existing or new drugs to be used in the treatment of various CNS diseases.    


Cancer Treatment 

Many solid tumor cancers such as glioblastoma (brain cancer) and pancreatic cancer have very low survival rates.  Traditional treatments have had limited treatment efficacy and significant side effects.  Evanesc Therapeutics has developed a novel medical device, EvaXus  , for the treatment of many types of solid tumor cancers without the detrimental side effects of traditional cancer treatments. EvaXus    has the potential to significantly increase patients’ survival rates for some of the deadliest cancers and provide patients with a better quality of life.



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